Why Choose Good Wellbeing

Risks & Benefits

To achieve better results in our work and life, the most important factor for us all is our health and wellbeing.

From removing airborne viruses to keeping active to maintaine healthy bodies and minds is what Goodwellbeing is all about. Reducing sitting time each work day is essential to reduce key risks. We have affordable solutions which improve health in the home, school and workplace.


Scientific evidence informs us that sitting for long bouts causes serious health risks related to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Mental Health, Cancer and Muscle Degeneration.


Higher levels of harmful cholesterol


Reduced calorie burn (Metabolic rate)


Disrupted blood sugar levels


Increased back pain


Reduced oxygen flow to the brain

Benefits of Active Working



• Burn calories

• Improve posture

• Reduce stress

Active Feet

wobble board

• Boost blood circulation

• Reduce fatigue

• Increase oxygen flow

Active Seating/Bikes

wobble stool

• Keeps you moving

• Engages core muscles

• Increases productivity

Monitor Arms

monitor arms

• Minimise eye strain

• Improve posture

• Reduce stress

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